Tour Guides

MENUA's Guides are recruited from a variety of backgrounds and education. All are qualified and trained by Menua and have a general knowledge of Armenia. They also offer special interest tours SPECIAL INTERESTS. Nature, architecture, country houses and gardens, cultural, traditional events, City of Yerevan, churches, financial institutions (Stock Exchange), literary Yerevan, Parajanov and Tumanian, museums and art galleries, antique fairs, antique shops and markets, horse back riding.


LANGUAGES. Menua guides are either bilingual or multilingual. In addition to Armenian, Menua offers English, French, German, Russian and Italian for 24500 AMD per day. Most other languages available on request.

BUSINESS itineraries, executive meetings, interpreting at meetings, escorting at social events - rates available per hour. Guides provided with business or secretarial backgrounds. Experienced and qualified interpreters in most languages.

UNIFORMED chauffeurs available per hour for all events.

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